LED Status

Hi All

I just bought a 1Tb Mypassport Wireless and spent most of the afternoon charging it up. when it eventually went to a solid led indicating it was fully charged the led was green not blue … is this ok?


Page 5 of the User Manual, from here: http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?wdc_lang=en&fid=wdsfMP_Wireless

A green LED means that the battery was only 50 to 89% charged. It really should be solid blue if 90 to 100% charged. Mine is always blue when fully charged, and for some time after being used on battery, until it drops below 90%.

It can take some time to fully charge the first time, and it best left charging overnight. I can’t find a recharge time just now, but I think you need six hours at least, and I would give it 12 to 18 hours the first time.

If the LED stopped pulsing when still green, could the USB lead have come loose, or there been some other problem with the power supply? The clip-on plug was loose when I first used my charger, so that the charging of the MPW kept starting and stopping. Once I clipped the plug in properly the charger and the MPW worked as expected.

If everything was fine with the power, and the MPW doesn’t start recharging when you plug it back into the charger, use the MPW until you run it down to almost discharged and then charge it for at least 12 hours again. Sometimes these battteries and the associated power indication hardware/software need a discharge/recharge cycle to set the indication limits correctly.