LED - RED (constant) and i can't see files anymore

I have a problem with my My Cloud. The electric was off from it and it get back. But after that, my led is red (constant) and i can’t see any file anymore. Capaciteit 0 KB (and i had around 1 GB with data).

I have Firmware v04.04.03-113, the new one. When i’m in wdmycloud.local/UI/ i can see my settings. I have internet and my computer can see My Cloud. Someone who can help me please. I have to get my files back but now i can’t see them anymore and i still have the RED (constant) LED light.

Thank you for helping me. One info: When i say in: http://files.mycloud.com/setup (Take me to my files) i get a pop-up error with Path not found. (400044). I can go to click to go back to factory restore, but i don’t know if i get my files back. If there is someone who can help me what to do, thank you.

I get a e-mail from my My Cloud:
Coupling given volume failed (it is a translate from Dutch, i hope it is good)

With error code: 0004
Ernst: critical

I wait if someone can help me :slight_smile: Thank you!

If you can SSH into the My Cloud. cat the following files. /tmp/led_cur_ev, /tmp/led_cur_st, /tmp/led_err_ev, /tmp/led_err_st. These files contain the information as to what color the led should be.


Sorry, how can i use SSH?? I have a mac.
I have seen that RED is mean: (info in the installation from My Cloud)

Attention Red Solid:
The following circumstances trigger this state:
• Disk thermal warning threshold exceeded (under or over temp)
• Ethernet cable not connected

Fault/action required Red Solid
The following faults trigger this state:
• Disk SMART failure
• Data volume does not exist
• System volume does not exist
• System thermal shutdown (75 C)

He can’t vind volume on my disk :frowning: But when he is on, i can hear some sound from the disk.

You say that you have the UI can you get the logs from the dashboard? Not sure what program is use don the mac but there has to be a program.


Google is your friend (unless you’re a taxpayer…)


If you had a power failure, the file system may be damaged, or even the hardware, depending on the nature of the power failure.

If the file system is damaged (beyond the ability of fsck to recover (which is what the drive does when the white light is flashing)), then it will probably not be able to mount /DataVolume,

I’m sure I recall someone getting a red light after unbricking, and managing to recover. There are a number of such discussions at this unbricking thread:

Now, I’M NOT saying this is your problem, but it may be worth considering if you can find no other answers. Note that some ‘solutions’ involve formatting the data partition; this will destroy your data, of course. I’d start with a 4-second reset, then a 40-second reset.

There are many threads about red led. Have a search.


Here’s a recent one:

If you can access the Dashboard, then the network port is working, so that can be ruled out.

Thank you for this moment…
I’m in my My Cloud with SSH and have done df -h and get this:
rootfs 1.9G 637M 1.2G 35% /

So i can access the dashboard and see the My Cloud with SSH, is there still hope?

I Have give a 4 sec. reset, first i get a good LED color but after 3 minutes i get back a RED color. I can still login but i can’t see anything. With SSH i had try to login and that is working. But i don’t know where to find my data. I have seen the community here but i don’t know to get there :frowning:

I have try to download the older firmware but he will not install because i have not enough space to do that. I don’t know why because i think i have a lot of space (rootfs 1.9G 637M 1.2G 35% /).

I have done a 40 sec. reset and now i can’t come in my cloud anymore.
with my browser to the IP address, it is not working anymore, no dashboard :frowning:

and i can’t connect anymore with SSH :frowning:

Yes, now i have a more bigger problem :frowning:
4 sec reset was nog working, 40 sec reset is not working.

i have now the problem that my My Cloud will not access anymore and i get overtime that he can’t connect and that there is a problem. I try a lot, on browser and other thinks but now i can’t login with SSH too :frowning:

But my LED is BLUE :slight_smile: that can i do, did i lost all my documents?

Check your router to see if the IP address assigned by DHCP has changed.

When i use: http://files.mycloud.com/setup
I see My Cloud information: This device had already been set up
I can go to:

Go to device settings --> this will stop and not working i see wdmycloud.local and the site is white with no tekst.

Take me to my flies --> i go to https://idp.mycloud.com and have to give my email and password
i go to a website and see Signing in… (and that is all what i get online to see)

Click here if you want to do a factory restore (i don’t do now)

I have seen that my IP address is not change, when i write on my browser my IP address, i get the same page like i see when i go to: Go to device settings. So my IP is good

I have seen the IP address and it is the same, that is not the problem.

Let’s go back to the basics, rather than trying remote access.

Can you access the Dashboard? That’s the first thing you need to do.
Either at http://wdmycloud/UI or <IP address>/UI
(assuming your device is still called wdmycloud).

Just to be sure you’re not seeing a cached version of the Dashboard, either close the browser tab, and open a new one, or do a forced refresh of the page.

I see My Cloud but my dashboard is NOT loading.
After giving my IP/UI i see that he is connecting and then i see
That is all, nothing more, nothing less :frowning: So, NO dashboard what i see

Similar problem reported here:

The last-but-one post in that thread suggests another 40-second reset might help:

Update. I did the 40 second reset twice and after the second time the dashboard magically appeared. So far it seems to be working.

I have done it, but i get the next problem.
I have to make a NEW MyCloud.com - account. When i give my e-mail, he know me and he don’t accept. But when i give a other e-mail i get the next problem: I translate (kon gebruiker niet bijwerken -
user could not update). But now i can do nothing, i can’t click MORE, i can only stop now.

What do i have to do? I keep my window open :slight_smile:

Hit ‘Cancel’ when it asks you to create a Mycloud.com account; it will skip to the next stage of setup.

Oké, i have done that. Now i see dashboard again :slight_smile:
I have put the SSH ON but now i see no users anymore

Diagnose is now OK
But no files anymore :frowning:

I keep my browser open for the Dashboard. When i open a other browser to see if i can see there the dashboard too, i get back again a blanco page and no dashboard. I think that is not good.

Now i have it still open from a hour ago. But i think when i will close it i can’t open it again :frowning: