LED light not working

I have MYBookLive 2 TB device. I had  numerous problems with software update etc ,  which I fianlly resolved with a lot of email and phone.

Now, my LED light does not work, Yes, the outlet  has power and other devices work at that outlet.

Actaully, Mybooklive is functional but it is very annoying that led light burns out after 6 months. I bought this

product mid-January this year.

How long is the warranty? Is it worth the trouble of returning the device?



The MBL comes with a 3-year warranty.  If the light is broken you should request a replacement:  How to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty 

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Thanks. It seemed to me that led light , even not functional, all my data was there. But today, I find that it is not backing up anyway  so I asked for a RMA.Thank you.