LED is not turning to BLUE

Purchased 6TB my cloud. connected to power & router but LED is flashing in white and not turning to BLUE. Any help?

I’m having a similar problem. Searching through the forums, it appears to have something to do with “boot_sata”, in a directory folder called “data” - or a file called “wd_led”. However, my OpenMediaVault installation didn’t create a folder called “data”, and I’m wondering if I’m supposed to create the file called “wd_led”?

In my case, the white light comes on, and turns RED after about 10 seconds. It stays red, and I can’t connect. However, when the hard drive is connected to the PC tower - where I installed and updated it - I can access it over the wifi.

So, if anyone has the answer to Praveen’s question, I will try it out at the same time.

I spoke to WD Technical support (800) 275-4932. They suggested returning the product to get replacement.