LED in da Front

I am curious as to what the LED colors are in the front of a MBL?

Its blue at startup…

But the yellow/green thing has me wondering.

I called tech support.  The light looks yellowish to me, my wife says its green, my oldest son says its yellow, my youngest son says its green…

This matters greatly because it takes troubleshooting in two different directions…

Why cant companies make things simple?  Like RED, BLUE, WHITE, GREEN?

Yellow LED can be mistaken for green depending on the device its stuffed into.

Dont use white and pink together

Dont use red and orange together

Dont use purple and blue together

Dont use yellow and green together

Is there any way to tell the colors other then by looking?  Does it follow a set procedure at startup?  Like blue, yellow, green?  Mine only does two colors, the blue and then either yellow or green.

I cannot tell what color it is.

If everything is working fine, the sequence should be Blue-Yellow-Green. You can check page 12 to see what they mean.