Led Behavior

Is the front  led on the MBL supposed to go ‘out’ ?

In addidtion sometimes it becomes verrrry dim.


The only time that the front led should turn off, is if the drive is power off, if not, it is suppose to be on, either a blue light (stand by) or green (when is reading or writing).

Users have reported problems with the LED. Mine is either very dim or off. It does not effect the Mybooklive but it is a bit annoying.

I’m sorry to inform you that this has been a problem for nearly a year.  The good news is that your MBL is probably functioning perfectly, save the absence of the LEDs.  The MLB red LED usually works when the user reboots.

I’m sure WD are looking into this wide spread problem as it’s not an isolated case and is probably costing them a bit of cash on repairs and exchange units, not just a old batch but new ones suffer too.

I just wish they would be honest about the stupid led problem and tell us all what’s causing it,  transparency is a great company policy and works well.

Mine hasn’t been on for some time either. But, I just found out there is a firmware update available, at least since November, which leads me to wonder whether that could have something to do with it being out? I also got a message on the Dashboard advising me to check the network connect because it was either down or intermittent. (It must be intermittent since there is a yellow light in the back, which should be green. But, since my computers recognize the MBL, I have no idea how to “check the network connection”?:manfrustrated:)

just make sure you “X” out that message, it won’t go away just because you saw it.  If your router was rebooted or something in the past, the dashboard will show you that message next time you log in.  Just clear the messages and check into the dashboard again in a few days.

My LED was fine, then out, then flickering dim, then working before going out again.  One WD service email posted here said it was a known issue with some solvent that was used on the board.  I don’t think it’s FW related.