Leaving HD plugged in all the time?

Just bough the WD TV Live and must say its an amazing product! Not sure how I lived without it for so long…

My question is, if you leave the HD plugged into the WD TV Live hub, is there a higher chance of damaging the HD? I’ve noticed that when the WDTV is off, the HD still blinks very slowly (read that this indicates that its in sleep mode).

Leaving the HD plugged in 24/7 into the hub a good idea? Should I be unmounting and unplugging it every single time?

Appreciate the help and responses!

Leaving the drive connected is not a problem

You can leave the WD TV on stand by and the drive will hibernate as normal

when the unit is fully powered off the drive will also do the same

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Appreciate the response! Kudos givin!

One more question if you don’t mind, would it be recommended to usually turn off the WDTV using the “Standby” mode or completely turning if off?

Also, if you completely turn it off, does the FW automatically gracefully unmount the HD so there’s no possibility of corruption?


the drive will be unmounted when you use the eject option on the remote

otherwise it will stay dormant or off if completely off

I disconnected my drive like that once and had to do a scan and fix

but has never happen since then

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Have you had any HD failures because of the HD being in the “dormant” state for a long time?


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Have left my Hub in standby mode at night and on full during days pretty much straight since the release of the product without issue. I do of course have backups of the data that I keep on it.


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