Leaving Elements Drive Attached


I have an Elements portable drive 1TB that is attached to my router so it can be used as a shared network drive.
My question is, can I leave this drive permanently attached in which case it is permanently powered up via the USB port on my router as my router is always on?
Will this harm the drive?

Secondly, I cannot find any literature on this drive to tell me the sequence of the blue power light.
With my drive attached to my router and without anyone accessing it, the blue LED flashed about once every 2 seconds.
If the drive is been written to or read from the LED flashes in quick bursts of 3.

Is the sequence of the LED correct?

I would have thought that if the drive was just in standby mode with no-one accessing it, the LED would just show a steady light and not flash at all.

I would appreciate any help on these matters.


Hi there and welcome to the WD community

When the LED light is flashing on the unit every 2 seconds if you touch the drive does it seem like its working? Normally when the drive id transferring files in would do quick flashes.

When you have the drive connected to a computer does the drive behave the same ?

The drive seems to write and read files without any issues and I assumed the quick flashing is a visible way to show the drive is being accessed.

What I really would like to know is if the light should flash at al if the drive is not being accessed.

Perhaps another owner could answer this.

Also, do you have any info as to the integrity of the drive if it is permanently attached and powered?