LCD Does Not Turn Off on PR4100


liberty610, thank you for your reply. I too am on the latest firmware and have had the same results for the past 3 FW updates. I also get a mix of replies that it works fine for and others that have the same issue as we have.


Yea, I am not sure why, but since I upgraded to my pr4100 about a year ago, it has never turned the LCD completely off. On my EX4, I could turn it off, but since I have had the pr4100, the GUI menu option only dims it. I don’t mind that it is on honestly. Makes no difference to me as the unit is in a room full of gear with blinking/power LED lights everywhere. But I am an enthusiast geek, and when something does not seem to work like it is suppose to, I go into tinker mode and try to find out why haha.


I am with you 100% on this.


Works on for me on 2.31.149 firmware



Huh… congrats then! I am on that same firmware version. All it does is dim the LCD. It does not turn it off like yours is showing.


I’m also unable to turn it off via the UI… but when fiddling with the wdlcd_sub_daemon it was suddenly turned off. I’ll do a few more tests and debugging.


I would be interested in hearing your findings. It isn’t a big deal to me that it doesn’t turn off, I just know that it supposed to, and because it doesn’t it kind of bothers the tinkering geek in me ha.


I tested my PR4100 at home (without any apps) and toggling the LCD works fine here, both via the UI as with these commands:

kill $(pidof wdhws)                    # stop wdhws
echo -ne 'BKL=00\r' > /dev/ttyS2       # disable backlight
/opt/wd/bin/wdhws -config=/etc/wd/sprite-wdhw.xml   # restart wdhws

I’m 99.9% sure that this doesn’t work on my PR4100 unit at work … More news on Monday.


Thanks for the update!


Using exactly the same commands on my other PR4100 at work has no effect on the display.
This is what I get in a screen session on /dev/ttyS2

> LN1=Dim the light
ACK             # line 1 shows the message
> BKL=00
ACK             # but nothing happens

I suspect that this is a hardware problem, likely a batch of motherboards with a missing resistor near the MCU.


Is there a difference in the hardware version?


I bought a PR4100 16TB, configured using RAID, its been hooked up and its been running for 2 weeks. I had to reboot the NAS (would not eject USB backup drives), and after rebooting the lcd screen went wonky. The lcd screen is lit but the top line is grayed out and I cannot scroll through the screen. Is there anyway of rebooting or fixing this. The machine works fine otherwise and it would be a pain if I had to return the machine.


A complete powerdown (incl disconnecting the power supply) should reset the PMC module completely.


I just got a new PR4100 updated to the latest firmware 2.31.163, LCD doesn’t turn off as well. Is there a fix for this?


No. The only fix is to get other hardware.