Launching from SSD returns black screen

Please help guys, just bought a WD Black NVME 500GB 2018 version and I am having trouble booting windows from it. I want the SSD to launch everything and use the HDD as simple storage. Here is what I did:

  • Installed WD Black NVME 500GB
  • Went to disk management to initiate drive and named it
  • Used WD cloning software and performed it (only like 80GB)
  • It was automatically shut down once completed and now it launches to black screen shown here:


It sounds like it’s trying to load something and the mouse icon is there with loading animation, but it’s just black screen. I am able to access BIOS. I also don’t mind about data loss as everything was stored online before I did it. I was going to copy Windows 10 after this stage but I’m locked to this stage on the SSD!

I changed boot to HDD in BIOS and the laptop launches. So I can’t boot Windows with the SSD. It is just a black screen. Looking at my PC drives I now see this (E and F are new):

I have no idea why it created a recovery drive but I don’t know, can it be removed? Seems full up already. I only cloned about 70-80GB.

Any help much appreciated, thank you.

Did you install the NVMe drive before you made the clone? NVMe uses a different drive than SATA so that may the the issue.

Since you have everything backed up on the cloud I would actually recommend a full install of Win 10 on the NVMe drive as you may have better results.