Latest Transmission for EX2 Ultra - can't reorder torrents?!


Apologies if this has already been address. I did search and search and have spent the majority of the day reading old threads on Transmission but none seem to address my issue here.

I installed the official Transmission from the Apps section of my EX2 Ultra interface, so it seems to be the latest and greatest version available from WD. The order of the torrents seems to be alphabetical, and the “Move up/down” and “Move to top/bottom” options do absolutely nothing.

I thought maybe it was a UI thing, so I installed another web UI (wow what an improvement), but the “Move up/down” and “Move to top/bottom” buttons and menu selections still do absolutely nothing!

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? A beta package? Anything?



I even tried updating to 2.9.2 with the instructions here (and hex editing the packages to work on an EX2 Ultra as explained here) and I STILL can’t reorder the torrents! Going to try 2.9.4 from Entware next I suppose, but it’s hard to imagine a bug that large could survive from the default 2.8x to 2.9.2 without being squished, so I’m thinking it’s not a problem with Transmission … ?


Even with 2.9.4 from Entware, transmission-web-control web GUI, and Transmission Remote GUI on my Windows box, I can not get the download order to change :confused:


Ok, looks like a Transmission quirk, and I found my answer -

I can’t believe that took me half a day to figure out. At least I’m on 2.9.4 now and have Entware installed and working :smiley: