Latest release of Firmware 4.05.00-327 flawed - looks like drive is sleeping!

Unfortunately the latest release of MyCloud firmware on May 18, 2018 seems to have a major flaw for my device. Over the last 5 days I have had to reset (unplug power) the system 4 times. It would appear that the drive has gone to sleep even though the system is not set to do so. The LED is blue, I can ping the IP address but my local Windows systems and my Android phone cannot find the drive.
After power up I can access the system via the dashboard. I do not really care about the EU privacy at this point. If I cannot get to the data what is the point?

I am investigating rolling back the firmware to 4.05.00-320 or one earlier from a year ago. I had zero issues with these versions. These last 2 versions have been a real headache. Auto update is now off. I did toggle the drive sleep option.

Since my device is our of warranty I suspect I am on my own. I fought with WD over the fact that they listed my device as out of region, purchased @ Micro Center in 2014. I worked great until the last 2 updates.

See the following thread if you haven’t already. It has links to prior firmware and information on how to roll back to earlier firmware.