Latest patch yet some MKVs have no Audio

Hi I got a Live+ with the latest firmware, yet some MKVs play no audio, they work fine on my computer…

The last two patches fixed alot of my problems such as files no playing at all and locking up the system, and I saw the last patch claimed to have fixed non playing audio, but I still have several that don’t play. Any ideas? Should I try aftermarket firmware?

PS would love to see support for USB Hubs…

Please, post the media info of one, or more, of your movies:

Thanks for the response,

Yes you made me think and I noticed that all the MKVs which fail to play audio are in fact TrueHD which some research told me is unsupported!

Very disappointing TrueHD is common enough to be supported in AVC MKVs…

Wow this box is a major pile…

It doesnt support USB hubs, it doesn’t support TrueHD, it doesn’t support half my subtitles… yet only in MKV containers it seems…  Very basic stuff here it seems to me. I bought this box for the express purpose of playing MKVs on my TV, this thing fails miserably between the lack of copliance and the incessant freezing.

*sigh* probably not the best place to ask but can someone recommend a box that supports my farily basic MKV needs?

PS note to the world don’t trust store sales staff or manufacturers haha, both lied to me about supporting this kinda stuff.

The manufacturer never told you it supported True HD or USB hubs, did they?

It says Dolby right on the box… Fairly mainstream format. The box certainly represents itself in advertising and packaging as being versatile, yet it doesn’t support TrueHD or a popular sub format and yet only in MKV containers… I don’t see anyway to describe this except lazyness, shodyness and borderline conning.

It should be said explicitly on the box or the website that this thing in fact doesnt support such popular formats. I don’t think im asking for much, im not **bleep** about some speciality codecs and such.

But anyhoo the guy at the store did tell me this thing supported all that and hubs, my fault for heeding him I know.

So what popular sub format are you talking about?

AlexCCCP wrote:

It says Dolby right on the box…lazyness, shodyness and borderline conning.

If there’s laziness afoot, it’s your own. 

I always get a kick out of people that blame OTHERS when their own knowledge is lacking.

The package and specifications say “Dolby Digital,” and the packaging has this trademark:


That means exactly that.   If you want to know what “Dolby Digital” means, check Dolby’s website.

The term “Dolby Digital” does NOT imply any OTHER technology such as DD+ or True HD when a product uses the term “Dolby Digital”   To do so would be a violation of trademark.

Devices that include official support for Dolby True HD or Dolby Digital Plus have different trademarks on packaging and documentation, such as the Live SMP, which includes this:


So, I would suggest YOU go learn which is which instead of accusing the manufacturer (who is doing exactly what they’re supposed to do) of CONNING you.   It’s YOUR gullibility and naivety that are at fault, not theirs.

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