Latest Java 7 update (51) kills remote acces

No one?

As a work around perhaps you may try accessing your data via ftp or using the WD app for your device instead of the browser? at work here, I havent updated java yet, so not sure about this specific issue.

I found the same problem. A workaround was to add an IP address to the Java exception list via the Java Control Panel. In my case the particular PC trying to access the cloud is wirelessly attached to the same router as the WDMyCloud, so the IP was of the form Having done this access was ok after responding to the Java security warning popup.

However since I have friends and family that should have access it seems unreasonable to have to ask them to do the same - they are not in the main computer savvy.

This issue with Java is something WD needs to fix otherwise remote access from PCs, and probably Macs, is unusable.

Access from IPad is good!


Thanks RealAct for the tip. 

I use Transmit and can now acces my files remotely via FTP.

I’d rather ‘mount’ the different shares so they show up in the finder-windows.

But this will do for now.

Today I have the same problem returned, so adding the IP adress to the Java exception list wan’t a complete fix. I noticed that the address at the time of the Java warning today was different: (xxxxxx-yyyyyy repersenting my cloud device). Plugging this into the Java exception list (both http and https versions seem to be needed) has got things working again - for now.

What a mess!


Hello everyone,


New Java update 7. 51 is causing the issue here and we are working on a resolution.


The default security settings of Java is preventing the shares from loading.


By lowering the settings of Java to low allowed the shares to be accessed again, on all browsers.



Thank you BBBBBrandon, for the provisional solution.

Althought it feels very uncomfortable to lower the security level of Java so drastic.

Hope you’ll come with a safe and permanent solution very quick.

Good luck

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Hi Brandon

when a resolution for this issue ?

JRE require to me an update on my PC yesterday and after this version upgrade I’m not able anymore to show and access to my shares via w2go website.

Tks for support


I am having the same problem on a Mac running OS X 10.9.1.  I installed the new Java update (51) and could not see my shares in Safari anymore.

In my case, LOWERING THE SECURITY LEVELS DOES NOT WORK.  Even with the lowered security level, I still cannot see my shares in Safari.

Luckily, if I use the Mac verision of the WD My Cloud application, I can still do everything.  But, it would be very helpful on the road, if the Safari functionality could be restored.

I had the same problem last week, and now when I try to remotely access my shares the page doesn’t even load any more!

I also find it absurd that the WD users and community are having to lower security settings in order to use a feature that was this products biggest selling point.

A very disappointing effort from WD - a solution needs to be found quickly otherwise I foresee WD losing a lot of support from this product.

It wasn’t my intention to criticise WD as a company. I have many products from them that have all be invaluable.

I am purely raising the fact that this Java update issue obviously isn’t a minor issue for a minority of people and that it should be dealt with relatively quickly.

If you were remarking that this issue will not be resolved unless I do indeed write to the president then I fail to see the purpose of this Community Forum which is one of the portals WD direct you to for support. 

I second that view. I bought Mycloud last week specifically so I could access my files anywhere. First time I try to do it, I get obscure java faults. The whole sales pitch for Mycloud is around ease of access from anywhere, yet after much web searching, I discover WD has not been watching developments (well forewarned) in the java product on which it relies. This does not say much for its product support operation, and the moderator here should be reporting this right up to the board. This is a major PR screw-up, in my book.

An urgent fix must surely be the Mycloud team’s critically highest priority.

Couldn’t agree more with the above. 

Apart from this annoying fact, I’m now ‘enjoying’ my THIRD WD My Cloud, because the previous two broke down within weeks (the infamous yellow blinking light without any possibility to recover the drive contents). 

Now I’m struggling to get the thing working with Windows 8.1 and UPnP/DLNA issues that persist. 

Hope new firmware will cure the buggy ‘performance’. Unbelievable that a big company like WD delivers **bleep** like this.

I have the same problem. I think WD should have fixed this allready. 

Changing the security in the JAVA control panel to medium, didn’t work. 

yes i agree also that WD should fix this issues as soon as possible. i did talk to WD support and the person who i was speaking to said that they are supposedly testing the issue in their own labs. they are also talking with orcale about this and trying to figure out a soultion for it. just to let everyone know if you contact their support they will ether tell you to go back to update 45 or uninstall and reinstall Java 7 Update 51. i asked them if i should lower the security settings on Java and they said they wouldnt recommend that to their customers. 

besides the Java issue, if you try to access your NAS from your Work or College then it will not Work at all because they are blocking the ports.

i really hope WD gets this issue fixed and i also hope they find a way around firewalls so people can access their devices outside their networks.

Xerax wrote:

i really hope WD gets this issue fixed and i also hope they find a way around firewalls so people can access their devices outside their networks.

Oh.  Interesting.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

Xerax wrote:

i really hope WD gets this issue fixed and i also hope they find a way around firewalls so people can access their devices outside their networks.

Oh.  Interesting.


i meant a way around firewalls not illegeal ways but a safe and secure way that mabey uses different ports for the NAS

I still can’t access the drive my brother has, and using ftp is not an option as he would have to set it up. His java update still works so he doesn’t need to do anything for remote access.

Lowering permission does not make any difference, and adding the site to the exceptions list does not work as one of the subsidiary applications is hosted on other sites as well.

WD needs to get their certificates updated so they load without warnings.

It seems unacceptable to me anyway to have to ignore dire warnings as I had to before to access this drive remotely.

The warning did say the certificate would be refused completely aftert the next java update so contact the software supplier to get the certificate updated. Clearly WD have not updated the certificate and Java have carried out the threat and willno longer run the application as it stands.

Could this be a windows 8 issue as I am using this and my brother is using 7. My son can still access this from his laptop on 7 here

Removed this java update and found and installed the earlier 45 version. Now have access again!

I need this to be fixed ASAP. I have two of the 4TB drives. If this is not fixed I will have to return both of them. I would hate to give these a bad review on my YouTube channel.