Latest Firmware Update Failure on MOV MkV playback

Hello everyone,

I would like to get this message across that latest firmware update for the WD TV Media Player has caused me these problems:

  1. MOV files (especially recorded from my Apple devices) are no longer playing. There is one or two however when played it is flipped or upside down. I did not have this problem before.

  2. Video Folder Mode: I put my video collections hoping that it would play continously just like MP3 or music files in a single folder unfortunately the videos Still do not play continously.

  3. There are occassion when my MKV files also stuttered or at times just suddenly stop/terminated unfinish when played. I always have a smooth play of these file types before.

  4. I got longer time for compiling library after I plug a usb storage than it used to before.

Please include all these in the next UPDATE.


I recommend you roll back to the previous version and then try upgrading again.

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, or WD TV Media Player 


Hello Hamlet,

Just to let you know that rolling it back to last firmware would still give the same problem. Problems even further when my player cannot play most of my MP4 files and some DVDs just skip playing the main title. :frowning: Now I am using the latest firmware, still all this problems occur. I guess I just have to stay put for the next firmware fix or update.

Thank you so much. 

mahajin wrote: Problems even further when my player cannot play most of my MP4 files

i have the opposite problem … my player can play most of my MP4 files     (it’s about 10% of MP4 files that it cannot play)

a little disappointed, yes  (because my WDTV Live Hub can play all MP4 files without issue + all other formats)

so, patiently waiting and hoping for a firmware update before the year is out. :neutral_face: