Latest firmware still vulnerable

One can add additional My Cloud devices in the WD My Cloud Desktop software by selecting the “Add Device” option from the My Cloud device listing field/box.

already 1 hour

What is “1 hour”? Not sure I follow.

What version of Windows are you running?

If one is having issues with the software, uninstall it. Download the latest version from WD and reinstall it as a troubleshooting step.

ok, leave it. Back to the vulnerabilities…

Don’t use the desktop app if you are local to your network; it is awful, and only worth using for remote access.

Your your favourite file manager to access the MyCloud when you are local to your network.

I already updated the firmware 2.11.169 (12/01/2018) "resolved security vulnerability…

But, was able to access to wd device with backdoor user and password.

Can you check if this update firmware solved the security issue in you wd device. Because I can not get any answer about this question from wd suport


Which firmware did you upgrade to and what My Cloud model do you have? The latest firmware for the single bay My Cloud units is 2.30.181 not 2.11.169. For the single bay My Cloud there is no 2.11.169 firmware.

Direct link to download:

My Cloud Mirror Gen1

Fine, do it, but the new FW is all I have to work with, and likely better than it was. Maybe if you fix it “good”, WD will want to hire you at big bucks…

I am the admin of our MyCloud and I was wondering how I could prevent other users to delete files from the public folder when they are using the MyCloud app. I was hoping that they could only read/look at the pics, vids, or music without the ability to delete them. Thanks for the help.

Currently with the single bay My Cloud units there is only one way to prevent users from deleting files in a Public Share. And that is to change the Public Share to a Private Share and configure each user for Read Only access. This is accomplished using the My Cloud Dashboard Share page.

If you haven’t done so already you may want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to use the My Cloud and it’s features. Or see the Help within the My Cloud Dashboard.