Latest firmware = No subtitle


After updating to newest official firmware last week, our WDTV Live! doesn’t display subtitles (.SRT). Everything worked fine prior to updating to newest firmware. Is this a general issue with the latest firmware or am I doing something wrong?

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What firmware is that? The latest official 1.06.15 does playback srt just fine.

It must be the 1.06.15 because when I click on “Update device/firmware” it says that I have the newest version installed.

The problem is that I can’t see my .srt files. In the options menu the subtitles doesn’t show up. Seems like they won’t load. It just says 0/0 but different audio tracks are available?

hi there

  • pls check if :

* srt file has the same name as the video file

  • if the problem still exists :

* check if the other player plays [may I say so] the subtitles [for example bestplayer or vldc or other]

  • what is the source of your video file , you play it via wirells or cable or usb or server ?



The filebrowser does not list any subtitle ever. If propery named however they will be loaded automatically and can be cycled. If you do play back from a media server it’s possible some sub formats are ignored by it.