Latest Firmware is Great!

I wanted to post that the latest firmware works great. The only thing I had to do was re-login to my QNAP NAS by turning auto login off, and re-enter my user and password. No ther issues. I wanted to post a positive comment among all the negative ones. I have three WD TV Lives and have done two already and I I am happy how much my old units have improved since buying them. This company is keeping its users happy…  Al

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I want to express  my delight from the latest firmware as well.After upgrading my Live has improved dramatically.All those problems I had before with  remembering  video resolution settings  and now gone.Thanks WD  for resolving that issue.The only problem I have every now and then is that the unit is non responsive  after shut down and then power up again, but  I guess this is the infrared receiver  (BTW ,this the second unit .first one was 1st gen with same issue). But apart from that everything works fine. 

Same here, quite happy with the update. I know other guys have some more advanced requests, but for myself the only thing sorely missing is Shoutcast radio support, specially now that a wireless keyboard is supported.

Still, the community ideas list is very good. My favourite ones are:

  1. As said, Shoutcast radio support. might be good too.

  2. Better in file navigation

  3. Plugin API

  4. IMDB integration

Other stuff like internet browser ain’t of no interest to me.

Keep them firmwares coming WD. I bought the 1st Gen and now bought the Live one. And I’ll keep buying as long as the support continues showing progress. Thanks.