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I noticed under the services section tey added to it. I have a radiotime account but when I try to login to it via wd tv live hub is says wrong username or password, but it works on my PC jst fine. I even created a new account and still no luck. Any ideas?


any idea. I just tried today and still no luck


It may have something to do with your password (or email address). Update the password to something simple and see how that works.


I have the password is 7 chars long how easy can that be without me changing my password to like temp123


Have you linked your hub to your radiotime account? (radiotime - account - devices)

When I said use a simple password I meant something without special characters, like temp123.


The device is linked and I have used temp123 as a password with no success. Has anybody got this to work?


Yes I am logged in and linked to a radiotime account.


ok any ideas how to fix my problem? I have tried to relink my account with it with no luck


Greetings!  Have you checked the main Tune In menu?

I had the exact same issue happen to me.  It said that my username and/or password were not correct.  However, after I tried several times without any success, I gave up and went back to the main screen and discovered that it took my information anyway.  My Radiotime presets still populated just fine.

It appears that the incorrect username/password message was erroneous, at least in my case.


Thanks that worked. Looks like WD needs to fix that as I had gotten confused thinking that the login had failed.