Last Update 1.06.43.V

Hi, since the last update on my WD TV Live, medias like movies are very long to load. Before, it was very fast, now we have to wait one or two minutes to get a movie… Is it a Bug? :cry:

Very same issue here.

It must be a bug.

Even worse, rolling back to previous version of Firmware DOES NOT help either.

My unit got SLOW too, for ever ???

no good

Since the update, launching a movie from the WD TV took about one and half minute. It was boring. With the advice of WD Support (Thanks Rafal) i did the rollback to the previous update and now launching takes a few seconds. It’s a bug in the new release. You can find the instruction for rollback here :,299/session/L3RpbWUvMTM2Njg3NjUzOC9zaWQvWFd6dnlBb2w%3D

Excuse my poor english, i’m a froggy french. :wink:

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I am most glad a firmware rollback has been able to address this issue, and we would also like to thank you for feedback.