Last Straw

I have had no less than three WD drives fail on me within the last year.  First I had a 350 gb My Passport drive start developing bad sectors, totally destroying my iTunes library, so I revert to using an older 1 tb raid drive for the same library, but now I am having issues with it being recognized when turned on, spinning crazily when the system is fired up, or simply not being mounted in windows.

And the last straw?  I just bought a 1 tb My passport drive at Wal Mart TONIGHT.  I take it home, plug it in and do a thorough scandisk on the hard drive only to find out it already has bad sectors on it…750 of them, in fact.

Sorry, this is just too much.  I will have to take my drive needs to another company.  I cannot afford this sink hole.

Dude, you have a history of bad luck with WD… Are you buying the drives from the same retailer? How do you treat the drives? o.o

I mean, I find it odd for so many drives to fail in such a short time, what if you contact them (WD) and see if they can narrow down the reason?