Last hope! WD External HD Running/On but not recognized


So first off I have been online for hours finding people with kind of similar problems but I have not found an answer so I’m posting my experience.

Yesterday I was on my computer which felt like it was running slow. HP Business computer with 200GB free/596GB. So I decided to complete a windows update, disc clean up and remove some of my tv series and movies onto my external HD. the updtates were completed and disc cleaned up… But when I was transfering the shows to HD, it was super slow and then it would freeze. So I unplugged the HD (not "safely) and had to do this about 6 times. Eventually stuff was transfering if I did small files. Anyways, it froze again so I unplugged it, but when I went to reconnect, the external HD sounded like it was loading up (LED light blinking, hard drive was spinning and making noise) but the Auto Play window did not come up. It was not located in the My Computer Window either. So literally I have been looking for answer for the last 24 hours. I’ve gone into Disc Management of which it does not show up, or is not considered a “Hidden drive”. I’m unable to change the letter/pathway. I’ve rebooted. I’ve downloaded and installed the WD Software. I’ve checked out my USB outlets and all of them are working for other devices. I’ve also used a different mini usb cord and it makes no difference. I’ve also plugged it in to two other computers with no recognition. An hour ago, I plugged the HD in and it actually popped up, but it froze again and has since disappaeared… 

I really need help. This is my back up HD and has stuff on it and rather than simply do a recovery, i’d like to get it working,.

Please help and thanks in advance for tips and suggestions :slight_smile:

Just a heads up, physically disconnecting the drive while its tranferring files can cause DATA CORRUPTION. You may or may not be able to recover your files. First things first, make sure that the drives power adapter is directly connected to a wall outlet. Then download this software, check if the drive is detected under this.

If the drive is detected run the test.

THANKYOU for a reply, I understand what you are saying about file corruptions… eeek. The hard drive is a My Passport and does not plug into the wall. It only plugs into my laptop. Would I follow your same advice?

check drive status under device manager. Click start/Rclick computer/CLICK MANAGE/device manager

look for universal serial bus controller… if there are any yellow triangle… if there is download wd ses driver

also try buying a power booster cable

Ah, I should have mentioned, that I have downloaded that SES software. Nothing had changed…

BUT! just now when I plugged it in to go look at the USB stuff like you suggested, nothing initially happend. But then my power cord to my laptop became unplugged because of the way I’m laying in bed… Anyways, as soon as it was unplugged, the EHD was recongnized and the play back window popped up… Strange no? Anyways, I went into Manage and changed the pathway, I’ve updated the driver software. and there is No yellow triangles in USB ,… What else should I do? What is a power booster cable and where would that plug in to??

Currently, slowly copy files to back up, and then will unplug to see if changing the pathway helped at all

Its a Y cable, call tech support regarding specs. 2 ends connect to your comp, 1 to your drive.