Last folder not visible

I use folders and subfolders to keep my media organized on the WD Live Hub hard drive.   In some cases the last subfolder in a folder does not appear through the user interface, but it is visible from any PC that has the drive mapped.  Here’s the strange part.  If I add another dummy subfolder and stick a media file in it, the folder that was previosly invisible is now visible and I can play all the media inside.  Also, the newly created dummy folder is not visble.  Has anyone else experienced this strange behavior?

edit: this happens in both folder view and video view. 

I have noticed that the hub won’t display folders that are empty of media, even if it has a subfolder that is also empty of media - and I guess that’s a reasonable thing - but your description sounds different.

There’s a known bug where media file names that begin with the folder name are not shown, Example: ‘testing-1.jpg’ in folder ‘testing’ won’t be visible. And if all media files in that folder begin with ‘testing’ then the media catalog compiler thinks the folder is empty and doesn’t display it.

It’s beginning to look like there are several significant bugs in the media catalog compiler regarding folder names and such.