Last few seconds of MP3s are cut during playback with WDTV Live 'Media Servers', but not always

Using ‘Media Servers’ on a Live over ethernet  to a WRT54GL (Tomato) and DNS-323  with UPNP AV server enabled.

Firmware: wdtvlive_1.04.22_V

Some MP3s have the last few seconds cut off and then next song starts to play normally. Re-playing and FFDing  to the skipped parts results in the last few seconds playing out normally. Any ideas? I noticed a few other posts about the start being cut off but not the end.

I also noticed the playback time seemed off. It showed 8 seconds remaining yet immediately jumped to the next song.


does that happens with all the files? or just a few of then? Also, have you test the device using a USB direct connection?

Not all of them get chopped. It is inconsistent but some songs have a long fade-out so it is not noticable unless I watch the time code. Local media is not effected it would seem. I just tried the exact same song via network share and it played to the end. I will try a few more things and report back.