Last Content Directory Cannot Be Found?

I have been using two WDTV Live Hubs in our home for the last 18 months or so, and have generally been very pleased with everything… 

Today, when trying to fire up our music (the music is stored on a ReadyNAS device running their TwonkyMedia add-in), any track I select will play for a few seconds (2-35 seconds), then quit with the message “Last Content Directory Cannot Be Found”.   When I simply re-select the same MediaServer, it immediately shows me all of the folders, playlists,etc.  I can start a new song - but encounter the same issue.  I can’t say when this may have started because we generally don’t use it for music… or when we do, we just use Pandora.

I’ve tested the Twonky interface from a browser, and it works fine.  I’ve tried rebooting, starting and stopping the media server on the WDTV, restarting my media server, etc to no avail.  Any ideas?  It’s driving me BATTY.

WDTV is hardwired to my network.  Pandora and Netflix stream just fine, so I don’t think it’s the WDTV losing connection.  

After much fiddling, I enabled the ReadyNAS ReadyDLNA plugin on my NAS.  After this loaded all of the content - the WDTV worked fine connected to it.  It continued to fail when talking with the Twonky plugin, so I simply disabled it and will use the ReadyDLNA.  No idea what happened to cause the two (Twonky and WDTV) not to play well together…

Carry on… nothing to see here.