Larger Gallery Thumbnails

This is just to make the selected Thumbnails in Gallery View a little larger.  This is just for the standard Anodized Theme, as that’s the only thing that it has been tested on.  Just download the .xml and replace it in the theme.

The Download is HERE.

hey can you do this updat for the  WD hd media player plus too ???  i want to find a way to make the thumbnails bigger in my video preview screen or  video thumbnail screen so i can see them better

No, the WDTV Live Plus, unlike the HUB, is not Theme based as far as being able to change its apperance.  With the Plus you have to modify the firmware to do something like this.

You should probably check out this site HERE and take a look at B-Rads Custom Firmware for the Plus.  And check out some of the OSD’sto change the appearance.