Larger external USB drive support

Sir or Madam: Although I’ve had no trouble attaching multiple 3TB USB 3.0 drives to the WD Live Hub through a USB Hub, the Hub refuses to recognize a 4TB USB 3.0 external drive, whether connected through a hub, or directly to the Hub’s USB port. The capacity of external drives will continue to increase, improving convenience and control. Is it possible to update firmware to handle 4TB and larger external USB drives? Thank you. Calvin Jones

this is an issue with the linux kernel

not a WD firmware issue

some drives above 2TB just are not handled correctly

this is actually due to the enclosure not reporting the correct block sizes for advanced format to the kernel

wd has tested a bunch of there drives for compatibilty,393/session/L3RpbWUvMTM2MjI1ODEzNS9zaWQvcllOU0Zha2w%3D

I see - thanks for the clarification.

Does this imply that there is no “solution,” such as a simple intermediate device that would improve communication between the WD and the drive?

When I attach the same 4TB drives to a PC (via USB 3) and set up a Windows share to the PC over a Gb network, both drives are accessible and I can play all media from those drives. Ideally, when the drives are full, I’d like to be able to hang them onto the WD through some sort of advanced hub that would allow the WD to see them. Is that an unrealistic expectation?


I have 3 x 6tb WD HDDs attached, all through a USB hub plugged into the front ot my SMP, and they work fine.

Steve W

I have 2 on the new WD 4TB and a 4TB “G-Drive” - all work without a problem ?