Large, Hi-Res Photos Displaying as Blurred

Afternoon all

I have been getting-on very well with my MyCloud - music and video working perfectly.

But I have one problem with photos.

When I have any large photos (seemingly anything wider than 4000 pixels, though could be to do with file size) the photos appear blurred when streamed to my DLNA media device.

Has anyone seen this, or does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance


Welcome to the Community.

Have you tried with other DLNA clients? Some of them have thumbnail resolution restrictions.


Thank you for the suggestion - a DLNA app on my phone did work, but I think it might have been smarter than the average client.

One interesting thing I have noticed is that if I go into Twonky via the web browser, I can look at the photos that way


I can also see that Twonly has assigned the photos new names, most of which begin “DLNA” then a load of random letters and finally “.jpg”

But all the photos I am having problems with seem to have the name “NON-DNLA” as their Twonly name, and all the photos are larger than 4000 pixels.

So this looks like a Twonky issue, but I wonder how I’m the only person who seems to have this, or are photos > 4000 pixels rare (especially as there is no TV with a resolution above 4000)

I COULD reduce the image size, of course, but am reluctant to do so in case I need to print them out.

Thank you


Hi there

I have had my WD My cloud since December 2014 and I am experiencing the same problem, namely a batch of jpeg photo’s all in excess of 4000 pixels come up on the tv screen as blurred. I have reduced the size to around 80%, similar to jpeg pictures that come up not blurred but to no avail, the picture quality remains the same-blurred. I only have one DNLA agent available which is a Sony Blue Ray DVD Player BDP -s490. I should add the same pictures when viewed on the computer or through the DVD player on a USB stick are perfect.

Does anyone have a solution please.


In the end, I dropped the res of all my pictured to below 4096px wide, as they were huge file sizes anyway.

I’m haivng big problems with my Sony player, so I tend to blame that.

Sony make decent products, but they employ no techncial support people worthy of the name.