Large Files Causes My Cloud to Lock Up

Recently any time I try to copy large files (400 MB+) to or from my 2TB My Cloud device, it just dies part of the way through the transfer. It will disappear off the network, the power light on the front goes off but the activity lights on the NIC are still on. The only way to fix it is to unplug the power, plug it back in, wait for it to initialize/scan and try again. If I copy a few smaller files, it works just fine but if I go for a larger file again it locks up.

I’d love to know if there’s a log somewhere in the OS that I could look at to try and figure out what’s wrong. I just enabled SSH on it for the first time (haven’t needed it in all the years I’ve had it) and I was looking at /var/log/messages but nothing stands out.

@wirikidor Do you own a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud? If the lights on the rear are still working then your My Cloud is still working. How do you have it connected, is it to your router?

@cat0w I don’t know how to tell the difference between 1st or 2nd gen but I’m assuming 1st considering its age.

It’s connected directly to my router, and no it is definitely not working when it locks up even though the NIC lights are on. If I am SSHed into the device at the time it locks up it no longer responds. It disappears from the network from all my other computers, it stops responding to pings, etc.

You can tell which generation by the firmware version it’s running.

If 4.x, it’s a Gen 1.
If 2.x, it’s a Gen 2.

(Yeah, I know, it seems backwards!)

I have thousands of Gig+ files on my Cloud – never had an issue at all.

While you’re logged in via SSH, execute the “top” command. It’ll update on-screen every few seconds.
That shows you the active processes sorted with most CPU usage on top.

Then do what you do to make it hang, and observe what TOP shows you.

@TonyPh12345 it’s definitely Gen 1 then.

I’ve had this thing for years with large files just like you and had zero problems.

The only thing that has changed is it’s hotter now than usual. I have all my stuff (router, switches, servers, and this unit) in a utility closet where all the wiring in the house goes, and on a whim I decided to put a fan in there blowing towards the unit. I have repeatedly tried to reproduce the problem and it works fine now.

So apparently overheating locks up the OS and kills the power light on the front, but the NIC lights on the back stay lit. Weird.

@wirikidor If you have WD Quick View you can check it for the temperature.


The front light should have turned red for overheating, if it is working. See User Manual for LED’s.

@cat0w just installed that, that’s interesting. So there has to be something somewhere in the OS that’s reporting the temperature. Wish I could get direct access to it for more testing. I’m going to turn the fan off and see what happens.