Large Capacity Portable External for Mac

I’m a new Mac user, and I’ve not yet had occasion to hook my MyBook up to the new Mac Book. I’m a little afraid now.

But now I’m in the market for a new external hard drive. I need at least 1 TB. I want greater portability than I have with the MyBook. I’ve been looking at WD’s Passports because they have 1TB portable external HDs. But does anyone know if they are compatible with Mac?

What would you recommend for a portable external hard drive that doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall to work and has at least 1 TB of space?


 All WD Passports are compatible with Macs.

However, if you plan on using the larger SE Passports on Laptop Macs you may need

a ‘power booster USB cable’.But this may be the case only with PowerBook Macs(especially G4).

Passports work absolutely great with MacBook Pros!!