Laptop no longer recognises drive

so i was shifting some information from my laptop’s hard-drive to the passport just now (i’ve only had  ita month or two) and midway thru the process it froze and would not complete the operation. so i cancelled the process and thereafter the laptop would not recognise the drive at all. i’ve read thru the forums and i see that similar problems are rife but i couldn’t quite determine how to fix the problem. the passport itself has the loight on and is whirring inside. the only the problem is that the laptop no longer recognises the external drive. either in computer or devic management. i wondered if vista’s service pack update may have anything to do with any of this…and really what i might do so that the computer recognises the drive again? many thanks in advance.

Hi there

If the drive is not recgnized on the computer and cannot be seen on Disk Management the drive may be defective, I would recommend to use TestDisk to verify and confirm the drive has bad sectors or data corruption, if that’s the case contact WD to verify the warranty and replace the drive.-

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thankyou for your advice. i downloaded testdisk but i’m struggling somewhat to use it. when i click on the exe files i’m not entirely sure what i’m doing or looking for. sorry to be annoying - any advice?

also - i’m curious how i might use the software if the laptop is refusing to acknowledge the drive.