Laptop freezes at dell logo

2 days back i deleted 2 partitions in my internal hard disk by using disk management in windows 10.
The partitions had ubunut’s / and /home folders. Suddenly windows
started hanging and slowing down.I shutdown and started again.I wont go
past the dell logo scree. Pressing F2/F12 does nothing. Booting from
other device is also not an option as f12 wont work.So i read up some
posts and decided to remove the hard disk .I can now boot from a usb.But
with the Hdd attached i cant do anything. Does this have anything to do
with POST? Any solution is appreciated

Hi there,

Try to run a diagnostic on the drive to see if this way you can see if the drive has any problems. You can check the drive with DLG , here is a link to download this software:

DOS version

Windows Version:

How do i do that the laptop womt go past dell logo with hdd attached

Use the DOS version since it should boot from there and be able to diagnose the drive. Please check this instructions: