Laptop crashed and no longer able to connect to Mycloud after Windows 10 re-install

Hi, my laptop crashed a few days ago and after returning from the repairer, who had to re-install windows 10, I have lost the dashboard programme and the ability to connect to the unit. I have tried to get my password resent but which ever email I use there is not reply email from WD. I have tried downloading the WD Discovery programme but as the laptop cannot see the unit even when plugged via USB, I cannot get into the programme because it askes for a password I no longer have!

Any thoughts? The My Cloud is my work backup!

You cannot access the My Cloud using USB.Sometimes one can access the My Cloud Dashboard (http://wdmycloud) through the My Cloud IP address. Because you reinstalled Windows 10 the default Windows 10 settings may block access to local network devices. In particular see Windows 10 Specific Method 1 through Windows 10 Specific Method 5 in the following discussion thread:

You can’t ‘lose the Dashboard program’; it’s built in to the MyCloud, and requires no software to be installed on a PC. Access the Dashboard using a web browser. See the user manual for details of how to access the Dashboard.

If you have forgotten your admin account password for the Dashboard, press the reset button for 4 seconds. This will clear the admin password. Again, see the user manual.

Google will find the user manual, and instructions for accessing the dashboard, and resetting.

Bennor, thanks for the assistance. All working now. Much appreciated sir.

Paranoia, Thanks for the help. I found it down the back of the sofa with the loose change LOL. Much appreciated. All up and running.