Laptop Backups to MyCloud

What is the best way to backup your laptop to the MyCloud Home? I have WD SmartWare and WD Backup. Confused which one I should be using.

Does MyCloud stream live with the files on MyCloud Home? For example, if I delete a file locally, does it delete from the cloud too?

What happens if I erase the photos in my phone to clear up memory? Does the cloud delete the photos too?

Thank you.

@dguard WD Smartware and WD Backup do not support the My Cloud Home.
Use Windows File Backup or an alternate 3rd party backup solution.

Thanks. So there’s no way to centralize the files from laptop to the cloud?

@SBrown Windows backup process failed. I am not interested in buying 3rd party backups. This product is a big disappointment!

@dguard sorry to hear that Windows File History backup failed. Windows File Backup and all 3rd party backup solutions offer free editions including WD Acronis True Image.