Laptop auto boots from HDD

I have cloned my HDD to my WD SSD, formated the HDD, and manually changed BIOS to select SSD on boot. However everytime I restart the laptop it reverts to HDD and does a “automatic PC repair” or something. I have to then manually go to BIOS and change it.

How can I rectify this please? SSD is successfully drive C so I am confused.

Might be when you change the BIOS setting it’s trying to boot in AHCI mode and since the drivers in Windows might not be installed it gets reverted back to IDE/SATA??? Just a wild guess…

This link might help you out.

I installed SSDs in all my computers but each time I did a fresh/custom Windows install so the drivers got installed. Cloning is quick but to me it’s just not good enough on a new drive. Just my OCD kicking in…

I don’t think you are correct because recently I also having this same issue but my issue is resolved.

Here is the Link: