Lan2 will not change IP

I have tried rebooting, taking out the lan cable and nothing I try will change the static ip on Lan 2, might I have a setting incorrectly, I have Link Aggregation set to no obviously and yes to all the relevant settings. Thanks fro your help.

Hi victoriabears,

You can perform a 4-second reset on My Cloud device which sets the IP address back to default, DHCP.

Thank you for your suggestions, I already did that, what I think it is , is, I am wanting to use an internal network for the lan2’s on my network and use 172.168.0.*** etc for the ip’s , I think the ip addresses I am trying to use and the sub net mask might be faulty, any advice would be gratefully received, but if I try to set a static ip and just sits and hangs, and doesn;t change if I re load the web page.

Same issue for me. When i set static IP on lan 2 interface the appliance stuck on updating.

Any suggestions?