LAN speed problem

Hey, guys!
I’ve got the my book live 2 tb connected to my 1 Gbit router Zyxel Keenetic Giga. Everything works good, except the problem of connection speed. MBL doesn’t connect at 1 gbit, only at 100 mbit. At first I was thinking, that there is some problem with my router, but it works perfect with my PC at 1 gbit. The cable is ok, cat.5e and i’ve tested it with pc and router. Can someone help me with this problem?

There’s two possibilities:

1- Autonegotiation incompatibility between the MBL and router  (rare.)

2- Bad interface on the MBL.

my netgear 3700 is same to you,it is so bad,:womansad:

how do i know what speed the mybook is connected with??

cant see it in my router, and the router does not have any leds on back.

can i see it somewhere else?

Login via SSH and do


I think ifconfig doesn’t show nic speed. Try this instead: ethtool eth0

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Ok, ive searched and i downloaded “PUTTY”.

How do i connect? can i do it over internet? or do i have to be at the same network?

it was connected with 1 gbit. thanks for the help