LAN networking question with My Cloud

Hi - more of a networking setup question really. hope that is ok on these forums.

I am trying to set up a network for my My Cloud, and would really appreciate some advice.  I only use it for streaming films to my TV.  I previously attached the cloud to my router, and used powerline adapters to connect to the TV.  Hardwiring is not a permanent solution for me.  However, the PLA’s kept dropping the connection to the TV.  Just got a new router (so I now have one bright box and a Bright box 2).  Figured I would move the cloud/old router with gig switch to the TV cabinet, and Ethernet straight into the TV.  I then added a PLA to connect with my laptop upstairs the idea being I can still transfer files from laptop to the cloud via the gig LAN.  Had to set up a home group, but all worked fine.  I then set up my new brightbox 2 (DHCP) to provide internet for ipads etc and also added a PLA so as I can connect Ethernet to my laptop for better speeds. once I fired that up, things started to go wrong.  DLNA was not recognised on the TV and I could not see the cloud on my laptop.  After having to delete/rescan for the laptop’s card adapters, I found I had to isolate the two PLA’s.  in short, I have -

  1. ISP - bright box 2 - PLA - laptop
  2. router (wifi turned off) - switch - cloud - TV - PLA - laptop

(so I have one PLA next to my laptop, one behind the TV for the NAS, and one next to my modem/router to connect to laptop). 

is there a way I can get this working without have to isolate the PLA’s.  I figured it could be the TV.  with both PLA’s on, it calls for an address which I reckon must be given by the router with ISP.  seems I cannot set the TV to static IP with the old router, as the final stage of the TV IP setup is internet - which it cannot obtain.  sorry post is so long, but any advice greatly appreciated.  thanks !

  1. router (wifi turned off) - switch - cloud - TV - PLA - laptop

if this is correct that you have a switch and a router at the TV location I would get rid of the router. configuration gets much more involved if you are running 2 routers on the same LAN.

if the cloud & TV don’t have a reliable enough connection to through the PLA for DHCP to work then set satic IPs on these. I suggest static for any network resource such as NAS & printers

thanks larryg.  this follows on from the thread you helped solve last week for me by suggesting the PLAs as being the cause of my streaming drops.

I did not try static IP’s on the TV and Cloud when using the PLA setup, as I assumed it was interference over the electrical supply causing the drops.  I can stream fine with the 20m ethernet cable I tried out, but the missus really does not like that cable strecthing across the living room ! 

I will test with static addresses using the PLAs again, but tinkering with this LAN setup seems to be my best solution.  How do I configure the TV IP address for static - last time I tried that, it failed to recognise DLNA.  I will set the TV IP to one outside the router’s DHCP range, subnet will be usual then the gateway will be the router’s IP ? do I need to enter a DNS which I assume had to be the gateway…

I forget the ethernet specs but is is over 100 feet so 20M is fine as long as 5e or 6 cable.

no idea how to setup the TV as they are all different. if it is a smart TV accessing Netflix etc you will need the DNS entry, if it is just DLNA you don’t need it

OK - getting there.  i think my question now is this -

lets say I just have the cloud and my TV plugged into the switch with a PLA plugged into the switch to hook up to my router.  will the cloud send my stream to the TV via the PLA/router and then back to the switch/TV or will the switch ‘know’ to just send it straight from cloud to TV?