Lagging playing files from NAS share


I have a WDHD Live running Beta v1.03.38 but I also experienced this problem on v1.02.21.

Any movie file (.divx, avi or mpg) over 300MB on the share will take 30secs to start and the lag is so bad it is unwatchable.

I have a 100MB LAN connection and the previous Media Player (a Medion Media-Tank) plays back the exact same files without any issues on the same Lan cable. I put a cable tester on the connection and it metered out fine.

When copied to a USB drive the files run perfectly.

Any ideas anybody?

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When you say “lag” what exactly are you talking about?  Does the sound lag behind the video, or does the video just shudder or stop?

Net shares in the Live have bandwidth limitations played wireless – 15mbps is about all you can reliably stream.  If it’s a bandwidth problem, you can go wired (or, if adventerous, try third party firmware by B-Rad which approach net shares differently).

Thanks for your reply. Audio and Video are in sync but both stall/stutter like its trying to buffer the video.

The connection is 100mb wired and Ive confirmed there isnt an issue with the cabling.

I’ll try that firmware you talk about and will report back.


If your network is totally wired it would be unusual to say the least that you couldn’t play files via net shares that you can play on a local USB drive.

However, you can also post the MediaInfo on one of the files you have a problem with just to let us see.

Im finding it difficult to get the homebrew firmware onto it, even downloading to the stable release, the firmware upgrade option isnt being shown to me on the menu even though the files are present ont he root of the USB drive.

Anyway an interesting addition to this. I just tried to stream the exact same files from my Windows XP share and they stream perfectly. After a bit of investgation I realised my NAS (Buffalo HD-CELU2) uses FAT32 as its filesystem. You can convert it to NTFS but it will lose its LAN capabilities and can then only operate as a USB drive.

My PC is NTFS and my NAS is FAT32. Has anybody else reported problems streaming with from FAT32 shares?

I’ll keep going at the homebrew firmwares in the meantime.

Thanks for your help mkelley.

Hmmm, interesting. 

Most folks wouldn’t be using FAT as it can’t play many HD files (since it can’t store files greater then 4GB).  In your situation you’re kind of stuck with that I guess.

Before you install that third party firmware (or even if you’re just having problems doing it) you might want to post on B-Rad’s forum and see if the folks there have any experience with this issue (because it still may be an issue even with it).  As I said, it’s not a common one so it may be hard to find anyone else using an NAS with FAT.