Lag x265 videos on PR4100 16Gb-56Tb Plex Media Server

Hello everyone,
My Plex server is hosted on a NAS WD MyCloud PR4100 RAM:16Go 4x14To in Raid 0.
For the majority of films and series, playback is fluid, whether on the local network or remotely.
However, some files are difficult or even impossible to read due to incessant interruptions (lags). The frequency of lags is more important when the subtitles are activated.
These disturbances occur with each reading on Plex, in local (LAN) and remote (WAN) access.
Same problem if the file is hosted on a disk is USB connected to the PR4100.
Direct reading of the file residing on the NAS from a network station using the VLC app (without going through Plex) is no problem.
This anomaly mainly affects X265 encoded files (not all).
I usually work around the problem by replacing them with an X264 version which generally works fine.
I recently encountered a more serious case (Downton Abbey S05 series); The first 4 seasons (same origin, same encoding) are fine, but nothing to do for season 5. I loaded an X264 version, without success, a Remux (idem). I tried to re-encode the Remux in X264 with HandBrake. Lag always…
Judging by the dashboard of Plex and my NAS, the processor and RAM are far from saturated.
I tried to find the “SPEED” information on the PMS console, without success…
I think I’m at maximum RAM with my 16GB…
What can I do ?
Change to a more powerful NAS (but which one)?
Have my Plex server hosted by a more powerful computer (a Mac please, I don’t know anything about PCs)?
Thank you to those who have taken the trouble to read me so far.
And all my gratitude to anyone who has any advice.
Happiness to all.

Hi @jpbaille,

Post the issue to the Plex Community Forums.