Lag when streaming BlueRay iso's


  I’ve been streaming regular DVD’s(converted to iso) for a while and just started to rip BlueRay.  I am ripping everything to Iso format.  When I stream a BlueRay it Lags.  If I play a BlueRay iso from an External Drive its fine.  Here are my network/PC specs:


3.33 Core2Duo OC’d to 4.1


OS runs on Intel 80GB SSD

Storage- 1.0TB WD Black

Storage- 2.0TB WD Green

1.0G LAN on PC

D-Link Xtreme N Gaming Router FW1.0

CAT5E ran throughout

I have not tried to stream a BlueRay iso from my 2TB green yet.

Anyone else have this issue?  Is it possible that the Ethernet input on the WDTV is only at 100 instead of 1000?

AFAIK it IS at only 100.  Still, that should be enough – most likely it’s a wireless issue.  To confirm, direct connect the live and test one of your blu-ray rips.  If it works, then you know it’s a wireless issue.

I finally came across some blu-ray streams that will not work wirelessly (rates of around 30mbps).  I switched to hard wired and even those play fine.

I have the same issue with a Blu Ray (29 Mbit/s 23.976 fps High Profile 4.1). Playback starts OK but after a couple of seconds gets choppy.

My WD Live is wired so there should be enough bandwidth. When I play the same files using an external USB drive, everything is smooth.

The network implementation of the WD Live seems really bad. I hope it gets fixed so I don’t have to use USB drives for high bitrate stuff.

Well I’m glad people see the same thing.  I an not using wireless either.  Everything is wired throughout.   I’m thinking the LAN input on the WDTV is only 100 and not 1Gbps.  I mostly get regular DVD’s, but  when I rip a BlueRay I will just watch it from the external until this is resolved (if it ever gets resolved).  Thanks for the replys everyone.