Lack of help from Customer Services

Hi to All,

I have been a big fan of WD equipment for many years and have much of it in my studio, however unfortunately a simple return to WD has caused me huge problems and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar.

I returned an item with a WD generated RMA number using Parcelforce tracked service over a month ago.  This was received and signed for on 10 October 2011.  This is verified by Parcelforce’s tracked service.  I have also spoken to the driver who delivered it and spoken to Ingram Micro, the company it was returned to, who also confirmed it has been received.  Unfortunately, WD still say they haven’t received it, 31 days on.

All I am getting from WD Customer Service is standard emails.  There is no motivation from them to solve this at all and the Customer Service staff are obviously not trained to do anything other than churn out standard replies.  This is in stark contrast to other companies such as Amazon and Apple who have provided me with excellent customer service in the past.


Just wondering what experiences you have had with WD Customer Service?  Be good to hear any views you have.

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Wow, sorry to hear this, fortunately, I have few issues with my WD devices, I have only to replace 2 drives, in over 7 years of many, many WD drives and devices, and I have been lucky enough to have an easy time with the RMA process.

Question, have you try to contact then directly, instead of emails?

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Where are you located?

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Hi Both,

Thanks for your replies.

Bill_S - I am in the UK Midlands.

Cuernudo - It’s great to hear you have had a good experience.  Maybe there is still hope?!

My initial contact was by telephone - three separate calls - all of which resulted in being passed from department to department and finally being cut off.  This is why I resorted to email.

I have been incredibly polite throughout and have reasonably asked for the refund to be processed.   The responses have been a mixture of standard emails, i.e. “…please allow 7 days etc…”, followed by …“we haven’t received it…” through to confusing comments referring to “generation dates” that pre-date when I actually returned the item!  It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Customer Services don’t really know what is going on and seem totally demotivated to help.

I’m genuinely shocked at how Western Digital system has treated me.  As mentioned, on the rare occasion I have had to return items to other companies (probably about twice in about 10 years) it has always gone very smoothly.

One way or the other I will ensure that this is resolved (my brother-in-law is starting work on it this weekend for me).  It is just a shame that Western Digital can not resolve it efficiently before it has to be escalated.

Thanks again for your replies.  I will keep you updated.

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Since 2001, I have replace two drives only and is been recently, one internal green drive and one my book home. Therefore is been a really good experience with WD. I got a old 40 GB drive still up and running. 

Quick update.  Finally received the refund 38 days after the return was received and signed for by a WD representative.

I do not particularly have an issue with the delay, however the lack of care and interest taken by Customer Services was truly awful which led me to believe that I had lost this money due to a returns system that doesn’t work.

After posting on this forum the level of support I received was excellent (thanks to Bill_S, Oxter and KayWow), however without their help I believe this would not have been resolved.

I am a very big fan of WD equipment but feel that I can not purchase from them again due to the lack of follow-up customer support, should I ever require it again.  That is a real shame as I have never had any issues with the equipment itself.

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Hi Everyone,

I too am experiencing less than stellar service from WD. I RMA’ed a drive to them and it was received and signed for on Dec 15, 2011. The RMA status page showed “In Process” untill Dec 21 when it changed to “Processed” and “Shipped” with a UPS tracking number. When I check the UPD site, it states that a shipping label has been generated and they are waiting for the product. It is now Dec 30 and the UPS site still shows that the drive has not been received by them. Now i realize that it is holiday time and a few days were “days off” but really, I’m still waiting for my drive and nothing is happening to get my drive back to me. I should have used the “Advance Replacement”  option and got my drive a lot quicker.


I’m having this looked into. 

I have received an update from WD. Thank you very much for looking into this for me and the QUICK response. I will comtinue to  use WD products as I always have. Again, Thank you.

My pleasure.