Lack of detailed specifications for WD's internal hard drives

Hi guys,

I tried to compare different WD’s internal hard drives and their comparison PDF file is very limiting. I cannot find anywhere expected Reading and Writing speeds, and also Access rate.

How do I decide between Green/Blue/Black versions without these vital specs? Let’s say I don’t care about 5 year warranty. What else am I getting by paying extra for a Black line of WD hard drives?

I found this document:

And this one:

The last link is just sad: “our colors give you the power” What kind of power? Where are the specifications? Am I supposed to choose my drive by the color I like?

Maybe I am looking in a wrong place… Thank you!

Hi go to this link you posted. :  . Choose the type of drive for example Black next page choose the drive from the list you get a new smaller window at the top of that window there is a link that says drive specifications click it it will open a pdf file.

Thank you, it is a little bit more helpful if you care about voltage consumption and shock specifications, but if I want to compare how much

  • writing speed

  • reading speed

  • access time

differ between let’s say 2TB Green (WD20EZRX) and 2 TB Black (WD Black ( WD2003FZEX), I can’t do that. It is difficult to believe that a company of this magnitude never tested their hard drives for these specs.

WD thinks it is important to pinpoint that WD black can go through 300,000 sleep cycles but at the same time it is not important to know how fast it can access or read your information? It seems strange.

  Load/unload Cycles 300,000 minimum

Hi yes sorry about that. I have looked and it used to be easy to find those specs and where listed in the drives pdf file. But I have looked and the same as you can not seem to find those specs. Give it a bit and maybe one of mods can point you in the right direction.