I work in a customer service environment where the only calls we get are from people who are unhappy.

The people who are satisfied never pick up the phone, or write a letter or send an email. They are quietly content.

There is a disproportionate amount of complaints on this site that I feel do not fairly represent the true level of satisfaction among users for the WD TV player.

I love this little player. Is it perfect? No. Is it very affordable, versatile, customizable and do a great job of playing all sorts of different HD media files?


I’m eager to hear if others have some positive feedback to share. I’m sure you’re out there. :smiley:

The sheer number of people at this site who help others is testamony that a lot of people feel like you do about ther little “Live” player.

That said, I wish the players didn’t have such firmware issues; although I do think some  (many?) “issues” are user-inflicted.