Kodi via SMB only running if PC is turned on?

Hi there,

I have a slightly problem that I cant resolve. Perhaps someone here can help me

okay, I have Kodi running on a FireStick at an older TV which hasnt smart functions.

I connect to the “My Mirror” via SMB which seems to function fine, as long as the PC is turned on.

But I don’t like to have the PC always turned on, when I am watching TV. It should only just stream from the NAS, even when the PC is turned off.

What do I do wrong?

thanks for any help

Where does the PC come into it? What is connected to the PC in your setup?

The MCM should be connected to your router, which should give it its own IP address. You can then use that in Kodi to talk directly to the MCM and stream from it (NFS may be a better option to use than SMB by the way for this).

I do exactly this at home, except I use a Pi rather than a firestick to host my Kodi install.

hey Darren
thanks for the tip.
I tried on this again and did it slightly different than before.
In Kodi I chose “New network connection” and gave IP adress and login for the MCM manually
Now it does function properly without the PC.

I tried NFS too. I get a connection and I see the server with the IP adress vzt I cant go in and choose any kind of folder on the MCM. Anyway smb seems to function now. and thats fine with me

thanks a

For NFS you need to enable it for whichever shares you want to share that way. You’ll find it in the options for the individual shares in the dashboard. Once that’s done they should be available to Kodi.

oh okay, that was my fault I think. I will see into it again. Thanks for the help