Killing WDFME.exe process


like many others I experience a great resource use by WDFME.exe (between 50 to 80%).

This situation is not acceptable, so at the moment I am simply ending the process in order to be able to use my PC normally.

When I connect My Book Essential, WD Smartware starts to do his job. It looks like all new files are transfered to My Book Essential. It looks like everything is fine, then.

I am now wondering whats the point with leaving the WDFME.exe file always working…

My question is: is it reliable to use this software in this way? Can I be assured that all new files (since last backup) are going to be transfered to My Book Essential?

If you kill the process than its not going to backup your files. It should release CPU when other processes request it (as long as you are on the latest version anyway) so the 50-80% isn’t really that bad. I would keep it running at all times.

Hey there, Smartware was taking almos 85% of my computer resources and that got taken care of after I uninstalled Smartware / reset the computer / download and installed the software from the web site on the link below.

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That did the trick for me. Now the physical memory usage is back at its normal 35-45% range. Maybe there was something “nasty” left from the previous version of the software which a complete uninstall and reinstall cleaned up. 

Anytime pal! Im glad my answer resolved your issue.