Keyboard question

I want this keyboard Logitech diNovo Mini. It is not RF but bluetooth. BUT it includes the dongle.  Does anyone know if it will work in the WD TV Live media player?

I think it should but not sure.

This user reported that his DiNovo Mini works:

I bought my box several months ago.  Will I need to update the firmware to get the keyboard to work?  Does it do this automatically?

Thnx, sorry for noob questions.  

No problem.  :)

If you’re still running the 1.02.21 firmware, that does not support any keyboards.

You need to get hold of either one of the later Betas or otherwise update online to one of the newer “stable” release (1.03.49_V and 1.04.10_V).  

I use the term “stable” loosely.  ;)

1.04.10_V can be done either online using the Live or, if (like me) you prefer to do it manually, download from the product update page and placed on USB:

You can grab 1.03.49_V from here:

After you install a new firmware, if something doesn’t work right, try a factory reset first.  

Some features don’t seem to activate on occasion until everything gets reset back to defaults.

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