Keyboard not working

I bought the WD PiDrive Compute Centre, but the keyboard does not work (for me). In my usual fashion, I first tried without reading the instructions, Because both the mouse and keyboard has a recessed “connect” button on the bottom, I assumed they were bluetooth, but they did not show up in the Pi3 bluetooth scan. On reading the instructions, I found there is a dongle in the battery compartment of the mouse. Plugging this in, the mouse now works (on Pi3 or Windows), but the keyboard does not (on Pi3 or Windows). The instructions do not say anything about the connect button, so what is it for?

Does anybody have the keyboard working?

Hi, I’ve had two other reports of the keyboard not working. I’ve only seen this happen a couple of times in our testing and it occurred after moving the KB/M from one Pi set-up to another. When this happened, I removed and replaced the batteries in the keyboard and it worked again. Can you try doing this and let me know what happens?

Sorry for the trouble.


Forgot to mention- please try the battery removal/replacement two ways: (1) with Pi powered off and (2) with dongle attached and Pi powered/booted.


I have tried both ways (and also on Windows 7). The keyboard still does not work.

What is the purpose of the Connect button on the bottom of keyboard (and mouse)? For the mouse, it did not seem necessary – the mouse just worked after I installed the dongle.

Hi, thanks for trying that. We’ll be trying to replicate the problem here today and also audit our inventory. Meanwhile, please send me your shipping info and I’ll ship out a pre-tested set to you today.


Forgot to mention: please send your shipping info including phone number (required by our carrier) to



Can you give me an email to send the shipping information, so I don’t have to put it in this forum.

Or if you can recover this information from the order number, it is 10401158005-01.

Hi, see above post :wink:

Please email me at


Another thing you can try: re-sync’ing. We’ve been trying to replicate the issue here but have not been able to cause failure. Meanwhile, I did some web searching and found a procedure for re-syncing a KB (and/or mouse) to a unifying dongle. The info was from the HP support site and not necessarily for Chicony or our model, but there’s a reasonable chance it applies to Chicory units as Chicony is a top supplier to PC OEM’s.

  1. Boot up system with dongle attached
  2. Wait 30 sec
  3. Unplug dongle, wait 10 sec, plug dongle back (into a different USB port if possible)
  4. Press and hold the “Connect” button on the back of the keyboard for 10 sec.
  5. Try the keyboard

To reset the mouse, repeat above, using Connect button on mouse in step 4 and “try the mouse” in step 5.


I tried these steps, but keyboard still not working. Mouse still works.

Ok, thanks for trying. Please send your shipping info to me at Thanks.

Hi, an update: we just confirmed that our product kitting process for some of our PiDrive Compute Centres allowed unmatched mouse+dongle and keyboard to be packaged together. Your keyboard doesn’t work because it is matched to a different dongle. The mouse works because the dongle is shipped inside the mouse compartment. We’ll send you a matched set right away. Sorry for the trouble- thanks for your patience!

OK, thanks. I’ll send you the shipping information.

Got it, thanks. Replacement keyboard is on its way- you should receive it tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and help in raising and debugging the issue!

Thanks for the great support. The new keyboard and mouse are both working with the new dongle.