Keyboard for TV Live HD?

there is a solution to use a USB keyboard?

thanks !!

please , send me mail.

With the latest firmware, you can plug in pretty much any wired USB keyboard and many wireless USB keyboards.

Unfortunately there is no definitive list of what models work.

Search the forum for “usb keyboard” and you should find a few confirmed models.

I just picked up the Boxee remote (comes with a small USB RF receiver) and it works great as a wireless keyboard.  The navigation buttons on the other side of the remove even work on the WDTV.  My only complaint is that the play/pause button on the remote isn’t understood by the WDTV.

Hi, I’ve a little and cheap Logitech keyboard for Nintendo Wii and it works quite well on TV Live HD

It’s this one …

Have a nice day …

I use this wireless keyboard, it works great! $35 on Amazon

Rii Mini Wireles Keyboard with Touchpad