Kernel update causes "no media available"

I posted the following earlier today:

“Good Morning. I started a new job taking over for an admin who left without leaving proper passdown. the site I’m on uses Arkeia 10.2.12 version for backups. I’ve never dealt with Arkeia before and I’m not finding any decent documentation. I came in this morning to find the backups have failed all weekend long. There appears to be plenty of tape storage available, except the first tape which is 100% full. I can’t get a backup to start, it complains about no available media. Does anyone know what I can do to get the backups going again?”

I remembered fixing an issue where /etc/grub.conf wasn’t pointing to /boot/grub/grub.conf causing an older kernel to be loaded and reported by the OS. The backups failed after I fixed the issue. However, when I reverted back the backups ran again with no issue…

has anyone noticed this as well?